TACKLIFE EMS01A Compound Sliding Miter Saw


TACKLIFE Compound Sliding Miter Saw Features:
★Double Speed Adjustment for Versatile Use
★Powerful 15Amp, 3200RPM & 4500RPM Motor
★3Blades, Containing a Multi-function Blade
★Bevel Angle(0°-45°) Provides a Precise Cutting Angle
★Iron Guard and Dust Collection
★Laser for more accuracy
★Double safety switch

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TACKLIFE EMS01A 15 Amp Compound Sliding Miter Saw With Double Speed Red Laser, Extension Table

Tacklife EMS01A a sliding miter saw
attributes a powerful 15 amp 2000 watt electric motor that supplies
effective reducing performance as well as toughness
can be commonly used
to various materials like timber MDF chip port plywood, block board,
hard board wood with nails 3 millimeters light steel plates
and much more.
Moving cutting layout boosts reducing ability
allows you to reduce longer boards up to 340 millimeters.
If you have the demand to transform the blade adjust the bevel angle
the extensible table extended system on both sides adds.

The Stability

When reducing lengthy product vise securing system assists
to take care of the things laser guide red laser support brightens
the cutting line providing you precise cutting abilities
A portable device weigh just 31 factor 5 extra pounds as well as it can be
carried around the jobsite effortlessly with the help
of integrated mobile take care of twin speed modification
for flexible uses.

Just set the speed guideline button to two different positions
you can run the Tacklife EMS01A miter saw
at the rate of 3200 RPM or 4500 rpm
with simplicity select the proper speed according
to your cutting requirement.
Rate 1 3200 rpm utilized for soft light weight aluminum
moderate steel plates
as well as more speed to 4500 rpm utilized for wood plastic plywood.


Cutting Design

The skilled Tacklife EMS01A cutting side design
do all 10 inch miter saw 15 amp single bevel compound power
as well as sturdiness 15 amp 4000 RPM motor mitre diamond plate
enhances efficiency as well as ensures cutting accuracy.

Flexible stainless steel mitered eaton plate
with 14 positive quits mitre dent as well as override that permits
you to bypass the miter quits and adapt to the preferred setting
without the sauce slipping right into the mitre strengthens
barber dimensions 5/8 inches high gliding fences
that support crown molding
up to 5 as well as 1/4 inch base and nested molding
approximately 6 as well as a fifty percent inch up and down
against the fence while easily gliding out of the way.

Laser Guide

For bevel cuts go across reduced capability
approximately 2 X 8 inch dimensional lumber
at 90 degrees and a 2 X 6 inch dimensional lumber
at 45 levels machined base fencing support maintains fence
perpendicularity with blade for cutting precision bevels
to the left as much as 48 degrees as well as to
the right approximately 3 degrees

With favorable stops at 0 degrees 45 degrees
as well as 33.9 degrees for reducing crown molding laying flat
with 4 set steel bevel quits
at 0 levels 33 factor 9 levels 45 degrees as well as 48 levels
that delivers versatility at most usual bevel angles includes
a carbide blade dustbag blade wrench upright clamp
and also comfortable side takes care of in the base.

Included Components

TACKLIFE Advanced Compound Sliding Miter Saw Comes with:
✔ 1 x TACKLIFE EMS01A Miter Saw
✔ 1 x 48T 10″ Multi-function Blade
✔ 2 x 40T 10″ Blade for Wood and Plastic
✔ 1 x Clamping Device
✔ 2x Allen Wrench
✔ 1x Dust Bag
✔ 2x Side Support
✔ 1 x User Manual
✔ 1 x 24 Months Card


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Additional information





Part Number


Item Weight

31.5 pounds

Product Dimensions

30.7 x 22.8 x 17.7 inches





Power Source

Electric Powered


120 Volts

Amperage Capacity

15 Amps

Maximum Power

2000 Watts


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