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The VonHaus Circular Saw has a very compact style, that offers you with much better control in addition to power and precision in tight areas that can not be accessed by regular circular saws.

This compact portable circular plunge saw offered by VonHaus is a solid alternative for those who need a mini-circular saw in their workshops.

Furthermore with this compact hand-held circular saw you can adjust the cutting depth approximately for a maximum of 1-1/8 inch inches.

The VonHaus Compact Circular Saw offers a raw power with compact, healthy style.

VonHaus Circular Saw is Easy to Guide

Lighter than a full-size 7-1/4″ saw, the VonHaus compact circular saw provides greater convenience and manoeuvrability without compromising power. Weighing only over 6lbs, it’s around an 50% lighter than standard circular saws.

The smaller sized 24T carbide tipped blade implies less effort and motor pressure making the same efficient as larger models. The slim inline handle is developed to enhance convenience while boosting balance, control and grip.

Precision Cuts

Make precision cuts into wood, plastic, flooring, ceramic tile and metals with the laser-light cutting guide.Featuring a guide fence for accurate straight cuts, a depth change of as much as 1″ at 45 ° and an angle change that allows you to make bevelled cuts of as much as 45 °, the VonHaus circular saw provides supreme precision. Because of the left-handed blade style supplies optimal cut-line exposure, so you can be positive that you’re cutting precisely as planned.

Has A Strong Motor to Done Any Task

Featuring a 5.8 amp motor, 4500 RPM and 3.5″ blade size, the effective saw easily tackles rip and plunge cuts.
The VonHaus Circular Saw can be option for experts or DIY lovers making specific plunge cuts of approximately 1-1/8 ″ with the easy-to-use precision depth control.

This impressive power tool has an extra-long cable of 6ft and dust collection vacuum adapter that is ideal for working inside your home.

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VonHaus Circular Saw

VonHaus Circular Saw Specification
Voltage: 120V
No-Load Speed: 4,500RPM 
Blade Diameter: 3 ½”
Blade Arbour: 3/8” 
Depth of Cut: 1 1/8”  
 VonHaus Assorted Spare Blades (15/326) available separately. 
Includes a high quality and hardwearing carry case for easy storage and portability. 
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